Is toilet paper better in water or not in water

Toilet paper or choose water soluble is better, because the current country advocates the toilet revolution, water soluble toilet paper is used up is directly thrown into the toilet, the toilet does not need to put paper basket.

In Japan, all toilets use water-soluble paper, and when they use it, they throw it into the toilet. After returning to China have also seen similar products, the above is found casually on Baidu, see user evaluation is good, estimated and Japan should be different, otherwise how can they write the advertising language so explicit.

Because I have been to Japan, I found that the Japanese toilet is terribly clean, toilet paper is all used up throw toilet, I also asked Japanese friends, they said that Japanese toilet paper is soluble water, even flushing will break, will not plug the toilet. I will share with you what I know about toilet paper:

1. Most of our domestic toilet paper is insoluble, mainly because domestic toilet paper tension is too strong, almost no good water solubility, so throw into the toilet will cause sewer blockage, bring people a lot of trouble, so most families will have paper baskets, domestic public toilets are also a lot of such paper baskets.

Is toilet paper better in water or not in water (2)
Is toilet paper better in water or not in water (3)

2. I also brought back their kind of toilet paper from Japan, which is very soft and comfortable. I looked for it in the domestic market and saw a product with explicit advertising words.

3. But not all the paper products in the toilet can be thrown, can not throw the toilet things absolutely can not throw, otherwise need to invest large labor costs and dredging the toilet funds, such as vegetable soup, rubber supplies, can not flush toilet paper, diapers, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, do not throw the toilet, otherwise blockage is inevitable.

Post time: Feb-08-2023